5 Ways to Manage Your Home Energy Output Effectively

Reducing your monthly utility bills saves you money and creates less stress on the environment. Due to rising electricity costs, you need to examine the impact of your choices to minimize the amount of income you must devote to this essential resource. Consider incorporating these ideas into your home:

Make Smart Laundry Choices

Wash all of your laundry with cold water rather than warm or hot. Not only does this save by not heating the water, your clothing will not fade as rapidly. Also, only wash full loads, taking care not to stuff your washer. When possible, air dry your clothing rather than using your dryer.

Using Your Dishwasher Effectively

While these are a convenient appliance to own, dishwashers can wreak havoc on your utility bill when not used wisely. Only run the dishwasher when it is full, ensuring that it is properly loaded. Scrape your dishes prior to placing in the dishwasher, with plates and flat items, such as cutting boards, on the bottom row. Bowls, cups and glasses belong on the top shelf. Additionally, check so that nothing is preventing the soap dispenser from opening.

Avoid pre-rinse and other additional cycles that create more energy usage. Also, allow your dishes to air dry rather than using the expensive heated dry option. A good rinsing agent should prevent water stains.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

At the start of the warm season, have a maintenance check performed on your air conditioner to ensure that all parts are operating properly. Additionally, you can hire a company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating (West Pasco) to clean your vents two to four times each month. Otherwise, the unit must work harder to push the cold air through.

Weatherize Your Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are known to leak energy through cracks and improper temperature control. Your utility company may inspect these units, making suggestions for minimizing the amount of air that leaks from them. Double-paned windows are more efficient than their single-pane counterparts. Likewise, shutters reduce the amount of temperature change near your windows. Caulking and weather stripping is inexpensive, but can create a far more energy efficient home.

Turn Off or Unplug Unused Electronics

Everything from your laptop computer to the coffee machine in the kitchen drains energy when even a single light is on. Most homes have an array of electronic devices that continually use small amounts of energy throughout the day. Disconnect these or plug into a power strip you can turn off easily.

Generate tremendous energy savings by integrating these tips into your home. You will be sure to see the savings pile up.

Meghan Belnap

Meghan Belnap

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