5 Things You Must Check Before Closing on a Home

Homes are an expensive yet worthwhile investment. Once you’ve found the perfect place, make sure you do a thorough inspection to keep it from turning into a money sink. While there are many places you need to check in the home, be absolutely sure to at least keep your eyes out for these five things.

Check the Drains

Run the water and check for clogs in all the drains. While one might drain properly, you may find issues when you go to run the faucet and the shower,

Taste the Water

If the water tastes odd and you notice small flecks floating around, chances are the pipes are so old that they are either dropping small pieces of themselves into the water or they are coated in old deposits that are making their way into the water.

Pull Up the Carpet

The house may have beautiful hardwood floors underneath or it could have mold and mildew. While you do not need to pull up every square inch, definitely look under the carpet at the lowest point in every room as this is where moisture is most likely to accumulate.

Check the Electrical Panel

When you open the box, it doesn’t need to be a neatly labeled work of art. It can simply be tape with writing on it indicating what switch goes where. What you do need to look for are loose wires or wires that don’t connect to anything at all. This stands as a possible indication that there are live wires somewhere within the walls.

Flush the Toilets

There is a common saying that you should always buy a plunger before you need it. Much in the same fashion, you should flush every toilet with toilet paper before you need to. According to Plugged Piper Drain Service this will verify that the toilets and plumbing are working well enough to handle what they need to before any emergencies arise.

If any of these do not check out, renegotiate the terms of the contract if you still want to go ahead with it. Sometimes discounts can be offered or you can demand the current owners’ trade things out before you agree to anything. No matter what, always be sure you know what you are purchasing and are happy with it.

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