5 Reasons Winter is the Perfect Time to Remodel

The winter months are known for being dark and dreary with frigid temperatures and fewer hours of daylight. While we often just want to cuddle up by the fireplace under cozy blankets, this is actually a fantastic time to be productive on the home front. In fact, the winter may just be the perfect time to remodel your home.

1. More Availability

Chances are you've never really thought about renovating your home during the winter months. Trust us, you're not alone in that thinking. This is why your general contractor is much more likely to have an open schedule throughout this time of the year. According to Alair homes who specialize in major renovations in Surrey, this is when you should be contacting your contractor. Remember, once Spring approaches, your contractor's schedule will be packed with jobs, especially those in the outdoors.

2. Lower Prices

Since your contractor's workload will probably be lower in the winter, they may offer certain incentives or reduced rates to draw in business. After all, appliances and building supplies tend to go on sale during the winter months. Besides this, some contractors often lower their prices in the winter because they want to make room in their inventory for new materials that will come out once the warm weather is upon them.

3. Easy to Keep a Hold of the Mess

In the past, homeowners would have to worry about dust and fumes filling up their houses when they had major renovations done. Today however, there are new technologies that help control this issue, making clean-up that much easier and convenient. Some of these new measures include employing negative pressure fans or closing off heat ducts using dust filters. Your contractor can now manage the mess even in the winter.

4. Work Outside When the Weather is Nice

Depending on where you live, the winter isn't always as harsh as one would think. If you live in a place where the weather isn't too cold, see if your contractor can work on outdoor projects that he hasn't gotten to yet. Sure, this may not be the best time to tackle yard work but your contractor could certainly build a porch or add a sun room to your property.

5. Head Out on Vacation

When the weather has you down, why not take a vacation? People often save their vacation days until the end of the year, many times unintentionally. When that happens, you must still take these vacation days or risk losing them completely. If you are planning a vacation and have a renovation you want done at home, use this time to get that project completed. Then while you're away on vacation, your contractor can come in and get to work. You'll totally avoid the noise and mess that comes with renovations, while getting just what you need.

You may be tempted to do much of nothing in the winter, but you should take advantage of these months as winter is the ideal time to renovate your home.

Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley

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