4 Luxurious Upgrades to Turn Your Shower into a Spa

Although there is nothing more luxurious than a soak in a hot, steamy bubble bath, in today’s busy world it is difficult to find the time to enjoy such a luxury. Most of us are hopping into the shower, doing what must be done and hopping out in order to rush off to the next duty, like work or sleep. However, there is no reason that a your shower can't be the most luxurious spot in your bathroom. These four upgrades can easily turn your shower into a relaxing spa.

Custom Showerheads

There are many manufacturers that now offer unique showerheads with some even offering you the ability to customize your own shower system. Choose a hand-held sprayer or select one of the new, square showerheads that can be adjusted to spray in any direction. There are no rules that say you have to have only one showerhead either. Adding multiple showerheads at varying levels in your shower adds to the spa effect. If you prefer just one showerhead, you can also choose one with massaging jets or other options designed for pampering.

Frameless Shower Doors

Unlike the shower doors of the past with metal tracks and heavy, frosted glass doors that were difficult to slide, today’s shower doors give the appearance of glass that floats without support so that your shower has a spa-like look even when you are not using it. Tempered safety glass opens up an area so it is the perfect choice for a small bathroom. Adding clear glass doors from companies such as Rex Glass & Mirror Co., Inc. to your shower gives that open, airy feel while also allowing in more natural light.

Steam Baths

One way to create a spa in your shower is to turn the shower into a steam bath. You will need to totally enclose the shower so that the steam remains inside. Many of the models available have massaging sprays as well. Be sure that the doors, walls and ceiling are waterproof. In addition, the ceiling of a steam shower should be curved so water droplets run down the sides of the shower rather than dripping on you.

Built-in Stereo System

One of the key features found in most spas is soothing, relaxing music. You can add a built-in stereo system to your bathroom complete with speakers in order to enjoy sounds of nature, soft classical music or chirping birds as you enjoy your shower. Humans are rhythmic and tend to harmonize with the sounds around them. According to research, certain music energizes rather than relaxes, so choose the right music to play based on what you want to achieve in your bathroom spa. If you are getting ready to start your day, you may want a more upbeat tempo. If you are showering just before bed, you will want to choose music that relaxes you and helps you drift off to sleep as soon as you are out.

These four luxuries added to your bathroom can achieve a spa-like effect each time you step into the shower. In no time, you could be starting your day with a rejuvenating massage shower or ending it with a relaxing steam bath.


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