2014 Top 10 Decorating Trends

#1 Trend: Pantone’s Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid

It’s vibrant and it's rich in color and it’s Pantone's Radiant Orchid. You’ll soon see this color splashed across ads and TV series set designs. You’ll also see it in your favorite designer fashions. Some of the best ways to incorporate a new color into your existing décor is to introduce it as an accent color. A few throw pillows, art objects and splashes of radiant orchid in wall art and floral arrangements can set you trendy.

#2 Trend: Cover Your Walls in Style – Wallpaper

Whether or not you call it wallpaper or wallcovering, there are mega tons of choices. Some of the newer technological innovations create unique wallcoverings with embedded crystals and other embellishments that will make your wall literally glittery with sparkling lights. You can capitalize on this trend by covering an accent wall behind your bed or a solid wall in your dining or living room.

#3 Trend: Wide Wood Plank Floors

Hardwood floors are still a clean look trend and this year wider planks are all the rage! The wider the better in this case. The reason is two-fold. One is aesthetics and the other is stability. Wider planks are less likely to shift, buckle or change than thin planks or strips. The distressed look of reclaimed lumber is something new floors cannot pull off and reclaimed planks floors are more eco-friendly.

#4 Trend: Changeable Decors

Economy-minded budgeting is setting the pace for a versatile and changeable décor. This means you’ll start seeing more choices available in the home goods arena that are multi-use or reversible, such as throw pillow cases that can be changed out. Slip covers will offer greater choices in designs, fabrics and textures.

#5 Trend: Get Your Glam On    

People are spending more time at home and with that comes the desire for a more luxurious surrounding. Glamour is on the upswing in décor fashion. You can add touches of glam with lamps, mini-chandeliers, embellished pillows and ritzy draperies and curtains.

#6 Trend: Vintage One-of-a-Kind

Finding a vintage piece of furniture or home furnishing is the ticket for a 2014 chic décor. Designers and decorators alike are scavenging vintage shops for that right piece of furniture that is great as is or one they can transform into a unique piece upcycled just for their room project. You can jump on this vintage bandwagon and go in search of your showcase piece of vintage.

#7 Trend: Kitchens Get Glam and Metals

This is the year of the kitchen with a focus on customized cabinetry with attention to detail. Even the cabinets are getting a paint job this year with jewel-tone colors. Metal is a big element for 2014 and you’ll find new kitchens donning a lot of it. Copper topped tables are trending. Expect to see more metal backsplashes as this style takes off again.

#8 Trend: The Year of Getting Cozy

Comfort is a big must for 2014 decors. What makes you comfortable is strictly personal, but warm colors are a must this year. Design your room so that when you snuggle up with your honey in front of a roaring fire or nap in the sun on a warm spring afternoon, you feel nestled in comfort. This includes the choice of furniture that encourages you to lounge.

#9 Trend: Other Colors that Bring It Home

The Radiant Orchid color of the year will find its way into most designs and some designers are predicting that all hues of blue will also be a star color for 2014. You can combine both colors to create a striking décor and use white for your accent color. Think blue pinstripes and soft radiant orchard floral pillows for a good starting point.

#10 Trend: The Layered Look

Just as in fashion, the home décor is getting a new wardrobe that’s layered. You can decide how much layering you want. Go with a mixture of materials such as glass, metal, wood and ceramic. Next, add textures with fabrics, hard-surface finishes and wallcovering. Add color layering of several hues of one color for depth. Just as layering with clothing, you can always take away a layer to create a different ambiance or add another layer for setting a different mood. Don’t forget the flowers.

You don't have to follow every trend that comes around but you might find one of these top 10 the kind of trend you can get your style on. Are you following a trend this year or are you creating your own? If you enjoyed learning about the 2014 trends, please leave a comment and vote.

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