10 Energy Saving Conservation Tips

When it comes to conserving energy around your home the small things add up quickly. Consider the smallest thing that you can do to save money on your energy bill. Little things do add up quickly. By turning off a few lights you can save a considerable amount of money. Here are some tips that you can start doing today to see the savings on your next energy bill.

1. Unplug all your LED appliances:

Your coffee pot, microwave and other appliances in your kitchen that have LED lights on them are using electricity when plugged in. After using these appliances unplug them to save electricity.

2. Air coming in through your electrical outlets:

Check all electrical outlets in your home for drafts coming in. Caulk and insulate all electrical outlets in your home to conserve energy.

3. Turn off light:

By turning off extra lights in your home and opening your curtains you will money on your electricity bill.

4. Use your ceiling fan and not your air conditioner:

Circulating the air in your home feels better and helps to cool you down without the cost of using your air conditioner.

5. Home thermostat:

Remove your old thermostat and invest in a programmable thermostat for your heater and air conditioner. Set the thermostat to 72 F degrees during the summer months and 68 F degrees in the winter months. For every two degrees you lower your thermostat you save money on your energy bill. If you are gone during the day program the furnace to shut off completely and turn back on just one hour before you arrive home.

6. Home lighting:

During the day use the sun to light your home. At night for lighting your home buy Energy Star quality bulbs. The bulbs use considerably less electricity to light your home and less power to light the bulb when turned on. In your kitchen change your lights to fluorescent light bulbs. Changing the lights throughout your home to florescent lights saves energy and lowers your electrical bill.

7. Window coverings:

In the winter months use heavy drapes on your windows to add an extra layer of protection and keep the heat in. If your home has blinds keep them closed during winter months.

8. Summer months:

Pull back the drapes and let the sun in. Open the windows in your home to allow the breeze to flow through. Opening windows and using ceiling fans and not your air conditioner saves money on your energy bill.

9. Plant trees:

By planting three trees around your home, you can lower your energy cost by 20%. The trees add shade to your home and in summer months lower the temperature inside your home 1 to 5 degrees. In the winter the trees protect your home acting as a wind breaker keeping the cold air from hitting your home.

10. Fireplace:

If your home has a fireplace considers how much you actually use the fireplace. Your fireplace is the leading cause of escaped energy in your home. If you do not use your fireplace often consider having it permanently closed. This will keep energy from escaping your chimney during the winter. If you use your fireplace have it checked to make sure the flue is in place and is able to keep air from coming into your home. Use your fireplace during the winter and install a heater blower. The blower will blow the heat from your fireplace warming the rest of your home.

Ann Johnston

Ann Johnston

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