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Rock Garden Landscape

An easy way to avoid having to continuously mow or weed wack on the side of a home is to create an inexpensive rock garden. But wait, it doesn't necessarily have to mean no pretty foliage either. Once the area has been created another easy way to create beauty is to add either a few perennial ...

Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Rodent and Insect Free

You know the old saying about "that rascally rabbit!" However, it's the ants, flies, fruit flies, chiggers, mice, spiders, and mosquitos that really bug and bother us when we have their company indoors. So, here are some easy enough natural ways to keep these insects and rodents away ...

Plants that Enhance Fresh Air And Romance

Decorating our living space with plants can actually improve the quality and quantity of our life. Simply put, many common house plants act as a natural air purifier. Three of my favorite house plants that do this are:PhilodendronSnake PlantCactiBecause these plants require such low maintenance, ...