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James works for a Caterpillar company and blogs in his free time at Homey Improvements. He also enjoys hiking, photography, and buying new gadgets. Follow him on Twitter @DIYfolks.


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How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Our kitchens are the heart and the soul of our homes. It’s where we do most of our living, working and socializing. What if the room that you and your family spend the most time in has not kept pace with your 21st-century lifestyle? In most cases, the culprits are your been-there-done-that ki ...

7 Tips for Renovating Your Office Space

Every entrepreneur's style, budget, patience and preferences are different. Perhaps you prefer, and can afford, a pre-designed, brand new, move-in ready office space. Or perhaps you prefer a project, can only afford a fixer-upper, or prefer a space that’s a little outside the box.If that ...

How to Renovate an Attic

Sometimes adding extra living space to your home doesn’t need to be a costly addition that actually adds square footage. All you may need to do is to think a little higher! Your attic might be the perfect option for adding an extra room or two without changing the layout of your home.Thinking ...

How to Add a Bomb Shelter to Your Home

It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where we need to consider whether to build a bomb shelter on our properties. With so much chaos and turmoil spread out across the globe, it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before the next catastrophic event occurs.Are you prepared?Unfo ...

Why You Should Go Solar in 2015

The sun’s rays do more than make a day warm and pleasant. When properly captured, the sun’s energy — known as solar power — is both clean and eco-friendly. This is a welcome change from fossil fuels and other energy sources that use up valuable resources and pollute the ear ...