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Homemade DIY Uses for Lavender

Cut lavender does not belong to the yard waste bin like other trash. In fact, it isn’t trash at all because there are a myriad of ways that you can use it. Be it the stems, the flowers, or both. Whenever you prune and trim your lavender plants to dry their beautiful purple flowers for body sc ...

Five Easy Decoration Tips Using Accessories

Have you ever sat down and considered the kind of impact that small decorative accessories have in a room? Designers are aware of what simple rugs, throw pillows, art, lighting and other embellishment items can do in terms of adorning a space or room, and definitely they know how to wisely take adv ...

The Future of College Dorms Lie in Tiny Wooden Houses

The Swedish student housing company AF Bostader had a young lady live in a tiny house-box a few years ago. The lady was from Lund, and lived in a house that was not even 10 square meters big to test the concept of a cheap, environmentally friendly and cheerful smart student unit which included a be ...